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Welcome to Dunedin River Outfitters


Listen to the call of the wild! Come to Dunedin River Outfitters to experience a true backcountry hunting adventure in the surreal setting of Northern British Columbia's Canadian Rockies. Visit a land where time wants to stand still and memories that are made last a lifetime. 

What makes Dunedin River Outfitters such a special place to hunt? For starters, we have a great location filled with a diversity of habitat. Secondly, our mountainous valleys, plateaus and wetland complexes hold vast amounts of feeds. Thirdly, our area is exposed to very little hunting pressure. Finally, we manage our area with the respect and dignity it deserves. I'd say those are four good reasons why an outdoor enthusiast should book a hunt with Dunedin!

The popular hunting method in our area is by horseback but we also feature river boating, 4x4, ATV, and Argo hunts. All hunt types offer lots of opportunity for walk and stalk. Our staff provides you with everything required for a successful adventure, including experienced guides, home-made meals, well-tamed horses, equipment and clean comfortable log cabins. Our skilled personnel is there to serve you and will go to great lengths to turn your dream hunt into reality.

Our 3500 square kilometer area is amongst some of the finest big game range and hunting grounds in North America. Dunedin River Outfitters likes to think that it is not just a matter of chance when a client takes a Trophy animal with us. We are strong advocates of 'fair chase' and proper game management. Although Dunedin is well known for its healthy animal population, we will not hesitate if necessary to limit the number of big game to be taken from an area.

Dunedin offers their customers a variety of hunting packages for a wide range of animals. Combination hunts are one of our specialties. We also offer Summer Wilderness Pack and Photography Trips into the Northern British Columbia Rocky Mountains.


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